Form mail error



New around here, liking it a lot so far, but having an issue with the mail form.

I’m working from these docs:

I have tried setting the From and Recipient in the form to an email alias (forward-only address) hosted at Dreamhost, and when that didn’t work I also tried an actual inbox address hosted at Dreamhost.

With either address, I get this:

[quote]Error: Bad or Missing Recipient

Please make sure you have filled in the required recipient form field, and that the e-mail address used is hosted with DreamHost.

As a spam-prevention matter, we can now only allow our formmail to forward to email addresses hosted with us. If you’d like the recipient to be an email not hosted with us, please just create an address to forward there!

The recipient was: [ ][/quote]
Where is actually an email alias in a domain with an mx target hosted here at Dreamhost.

I searched these forums before posting and found some other users with the same error who mentioned that after waiting a few hours, it “fixed itself”.

I’ve tried this with a recipient email address I set up on Dreamhost last night (over 12 hours ago) and another created less than an hour ago.

If it is just a waiting game, does anyone know how long it takes between the time the email address is created and the time Formmail gets synced up to recognized the address as hosted by Dreamhost?

I’d thought perhaps mailform was running a host lookup on the mx for the domain and that it might just be a dns propagation issue, but that does not seem to be the case.

When I run a lookup on the mx target for the domain either via cygwin on my home machine or via the I get these MX targets for the domain:

Both are set as priority MX 0 (zone file entries created by Dreamhosts domain setup tool automagically.)

Ideas anyone?



For others who encounter this same issue: It started working fine about 18 hours after creating the email address.