Form mail dilemma

A question for all fellow HTML experts out there:

Is it possible to make a SELECT pull-down OPTION field in a form mail “required” AND the first pre-selected option (e.g. “Please choose a day”) unacceptable (i.e. it would bounce to my custom error page)? In other words, viewers must choose one of the real options in order to submit successfully. I don’t know if DH’s support form works exactly like that (as I don’t think it’s a good idea to send a test mail over there).

Please choose a day: Monday Tuesdat Wednesday Thursday Friday

Any enlightment will be appreciated. Thanks.

sure, you can just set the value of the first select option to be blank, and it’ll consider it not selected. so like this:

Please select a day


Thanks a lot, Josh. I owe you a drink :slight_smile: