Form Mail Customization

Is there any reference on customizing webpages for the form mail error and success redirects.

Basicly what I want to do is use the redirects to maintain the navigation and look of my site without using frames (as it is now the default is pretty much a standard page and you can only customize color and a link back url). I suppose what I really am looking for is either a list of variables that the script returns.

Or is that all handled in the script (judging by the view via ftp I don’t have access to modifying it either).

Have you reviewed the information on I used that and have made my own custom success pages (though I didn’t bother with the error pages).


are you able to repeat what was submitted like the actual success pages do? That is what I’m really after. I don’t care so much on the success side of things as the person should know what they just submitted however the functionality I’m looking for would be for either side,

I’ve never tried that with the DH script, though I suppose it could be done if you passed the appropriate variables. IF that is what you want to do, or other “tweaking” of output, I’d suggest you use the NMS formmail script (upon which the DH version was based) so that you could actually get at the code and do it intelligently.

I have used that also with great success, and it has some nice “cloaking” features that will let you hide the recipient. :wink:

That said, I’d advise against diddling the actual code too much unless you are very competent with perl and have good grasp of the security issues involved as you could easily “short circuit” some of the security of the script if you change certain things casually; leaving the main logic and collection of the variables alone you can still modify the “output” for your “redirect” page fairly easily.



Looked at the zip and the pages are stored in seperate templates with very simple loops to add the information.

So appears I’ll need to install it on the hosting account and just put my html code around their loops to do what I want.