Form Field Attachments

I use Front Page form fields. I wanted to know does anyone know how I can create a form field where people can attach a document that gets sent to me with their completed form? Is there a script out there for this?

The form has to tell the web browser to send the form data as “multipart” in order for it to work; see HTML 4.01 - Forms - FORM element - enctype attribute

Then you need a script or program on your web server that reads the form data as input and saves the section with the file data to disk and/or encodes it for sending within a message and finally sends the message.

Is there a script out there for this?[/quote]

Here is a Perl script I wrote that mails JPEG images: - it shows a form page and then processes the form when submitted. It’s not meant to be used as-is but does work.

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