FORM cgi

I have tested the DH cgi for forms and found it works when using Moz-firefox1.5 but not IE7.

Any suggestions?

If you could share a little more info about how it “doesn’t work”, it would help us have an idea of what me be going wrong. From you post, I don’t know what to suggest, because I don’t know what kinds of problems you are having.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

When a form is submitted from IE7 I do not get the message (sent to But I do get a message to the same email if I submit it from Firefox1.5.

The form can be accessed at

I now set up my own php script to handle forms.
It works both in IE7 and Firefox1.5, and the data is received significantly faster than through the DH cgi script.

You can test the forms yourself,
Dreamhost’s cgi at

my php at

If you want a copy of the php, contact me using the form .