Form and activation mail


Since our big server crash back in February where they moved us to a new server none of our forum activation mail or expression of interest form mail is coming through to Gmail.
We run Simple Machines software for the forum and CFormsll for the volunteer page. Nothing has been changed on the site for these 2 for years and now they don’t work.

The forum activation is a pain as we are having to manually join new users and private message notification is also down with the error message the same across the board of ‘Unable to send mail to the email address’.
The volunteer form just doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell. The mail never gets through even though I’ve added a personal mail address in case its a gmail problem.

Dreamhost just tells me its not their job to debug our site but we didn’t change anything, it was working perfectly until the server change! Their latest email suggested [color=#800000]‘setup a qualified e-mail address on the domain in question, and then attempt to use that with the script via SMTP with authentication.’[/color]
What do they mean ‘qualified email address’? I’ve checked the MX record and it is all good and emails back and forth with our board are fine so where do I start looking?

I did not build the site, only inherited it after the board changed so I’m not that experienced with digging into scripts.
Thanks for any help.



Thanks to the wonderful support at Dreamhost. They figured out the PHP.ini file had gotten corrupted and all is fixed now.