Form abuse

I have been receiving an increasing amount of form submissions from spam engines. Is there any way of avoiding this? Also, I went to forms in the first place to avoid displaying my E-mail on the web page but I do not know of a way to mask my E-mail address from the page’s source code so it can’t be picked up by an engine.
An example of one of the forms I created is at
Thank you very much for your advice!


I read in this forum somewhere that we can skip the domain name in forms - just use the part before the @ and it will magically still work - while preventing spammers from picking up the form target address.

I don’t know a way to avoid spammed form submissions though.


Thank you very much! I have removed the domain from the forms and they still work. Hopefully this will reduce the spam we receive.

Spambots have various methods to check your code. Hiding your email address one way of another would of course help.

I don’t know if this is the best method, but what I do is breaking-up the email by using javascript…

For instance

total =(‘web’ + ‘master’ + ‘@’ + part1 + part2);
document.write(’’ + total + ‘’);

would display a mailto link.

…and create accessibility problems for anybody who has disabled JavaScript. That sort of thing is “against my religion”, so to speak.

– Dan

Are you using PHP for your formmail, or another system? The php version available from has worked quite well for me, with the added advantage of allowing one to place your email within the formmail script itself, thus not even a hidden field on you submission form…