Forgot to pay - Paid. How to apologise and get website back online

OOps ! I forgot to pay (in reality, I forgot to change my visa card information when I lost the one I had used before). Anyway, payment was due yesterday (friday) and the site disappeared from view yesterday. I got notice of this only this evening.

Tomorrow is sunday, day of the week’s bicycle trip and some among us will need the road map and cue sheet that they expect is available online. Alas …

Rushed to Dreamhost control panel, saw that status was showing 0 domains (not much), paid the outstanding amount by paypal, Dreamhost said “Gee, thanks!” and indicated again 1 domain and 2 subdomains. Then I changed my visa card information with my new visa. Done.

With HTTP, I cannot access the site. <>

With FTP, I cannot access the site . <>

However, with FTP, logging through <>, I can see that the site data are sill there and up to date at </>

How to say to Dreamhost gurus that I apologise ?

Do I need to wait ? Light up a candle in some church ?

Do I need to verify with the name host that the DNS are still properly addressed for redirection ?

Is praying an option ?

My son works in Sydney Australia. Can I ask him to dance some special Australian dance ?

How to get some hope that will be back on line ?


Forget this, the site is back on line. Thanks Dreamhost for cutting me through my efforts at writing this prayer.

It’s visible now. Looks like you just needed to wait a wee bit.