Forgot email and pass

Hey, im new here my english is bad, so i’ll try to be clear.

I made a website for a client (in a subdomain of my website). Now, i want to translate their site to his domain, but he don’t remember her account details (domain is registered from 10 year 2012-2022) he forgot mail, and can’t access to their account.

We tried to contact support, but no response.

¿it’s possible to made something? I ave ftp access, but i need also create a mysql database

  • Look through their files via FTP to see if they have anything installed that uses MySQL.
  • Open the config for that application and get the host, user, pass.
  • Browse to the http link of host (it will redirect you to the actual DH login).
  • Use the user/pass to gain access to PhpMyAdmin.

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