Foreign law

Hello, I am a potential customer, resident of a european country and looking for a hoster that has an acceptable identity disclosure policy.

The content I am about to publish can be considered social satire. In the past I have been subject to harassment and blackmailing by people who felt offended.

While there is no illegal content per se, maniacs usually try to exploit local law by filing legal complaints that the name, e-mail, postal address(!) and phone number(!) (yes, my country’s law demands all this) has not been published on the website, to cause financial and legal hassles and shut me up.

  • How does DH deal with disclosure requests from foreign law agencies, assuming there is no violation of american law?
  • Does the customer’s country and its law is taken into account in any way?

Thank you

You might want to contact DH to get an official answer

I would say that so long as you are adhering to DH’s terms of service and acceptable use policy you would be fine. However, your own local laws will apply as well BUT I am pretty sure DH would have to receive a request from someone official in your local government or law enforcement before they would be willing to give up any personally identifiable information. If it were just Joe Blow asking DH for information I highly doubt they would be given the time of day. Many people have websites that others find objectionable and quite a few are already hosted here on DH I would imagine.