Foreign Domains


Hi, Im about to sign up with you but I have a couple of foreign domains (.uk, .mx) that I like to host and was wondering if you host such domains and if there’s an extra fee.
Just want to host 'em with you, no transfer or something, thanks in advance.


Hi, Firstly I should point out that these forums are mostly user to user. DreamHost staff do post occasionally, but not on a regular basis.

This should not be a problem. A friend of mine has a number of .au domains, registered elsewhere, but hosted here at DreamHost. There is no extra fee for this.


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.uk domains are not foreign. :smiley:
You can use any domain name that is a legal TLD name. I have just added a Bolivian domain name and then removed it.
I have added a test .mx and that was installed okay.



I have a domain and a .nu domain on my account :slight_smile: