Foreign DNS hosting by DreamHost


Hello, I am in the process of setting up a registered foreign DNS(.cl) being hosted by DreamHost. The domain is registered and now I need to link the host as DreamHost.

I have attempted to do this with the information provided on the DreamHost Wiki, but there is little relevant information about how to host a foreign DNS. I believe I need to create a custom DNS record in DreamHost Web Panel -> Manage Domains -> My Domain"DNS". Wiki indicates I need to create a “A” type, but I don’t know what value(ip address) to classify it with. I maybe mistaken and need to create a “CNAME” type but am uncertain.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


you would host the domain just like any other. just go to manage domains and add the domain as fully hosted. then its a matter of going to your registrar and pointing the domain to dh servers,,