Forced to use sub-domain for word press

Hi all,

Simple question: I registered my domain name, and am trying to install the word press one-click to that domain, but it is forcing me to use a sub-domain. I have and want to install wordpress there, but when I try and add it it gives the following error:

Whoops! There was an error while trying to install wordpress for you!
Invalid Domain: is already being used in our system!
Simple mode oneclicks may only be installed on domains (or subdomains) that are not already fully hosted. Either delete the web hosting for, or install your application to a new subdomain of

It allows me to put it on, and can I re-direct those who go, but this is a workaround I’d rather not do.



Your problem is that you keep trying to use a simple install. With simple installs your files are stored in a central location that you cannot access. Try again but this time click on custom installation and you will have no problem installing to your main domain and you will also be able to see and edit your site files (which you cannot do with a simple install). Don’t type anything after / when it asks you to pick your domain so you don’t end up installing to a subdirectory.

Thanks for the reply. If I try and do a custom install, my domain name does not appear in the “Install to” drop down. It’s just a “--------” Do you know why this is?

Go to manage domain and check if their is every thing working of not. means dreamhost fully hosting the domain? Ask chat support for faster response. They will tell you step by step procedure. :slight_smile:

Figured it out; thanks for the help.

Hi! I am having the same problem trying to install Wordpress and I am hoping that you can help me out. I get the “Invalid Domain: is already being used in our system!” error when I try the simple install, and when I try custom, the domain is not available. Can you tell me how you solved this, please?


Did you go to manage domains and add your domain name to be fully hosted? You will need to do that first and then choose custom install for wordpress.