Forced to use PHP-CGI when Gallery is installed


Just wondering if someone can verify this. When I installed Gallery from the one-click installs it said that it would change PHP to run as a CGI. No problem, I thought … I’ll just change it back afterwards. That was 4 or 5 hours ago and that particular domain has been in a ‘pending change’ state ever since, and the option to run PHP as a module is no longer offered.

This breaks 3 or 4 other applications that I have on the website so clearly it’s not going to work. Is anyone else running Gallery with PHP as a module?



I’m just now noticing that I don’t see the option for running PHP as CGI or not.

Anyhow, I run Gallery, and it won’t run as Apache, so I had to run it as CGI. This is because it uses some functions that are a security risk when run as the webserver, and not as yourself.



It must be something to do with DH’s PHP settings. As far as I know (from reading the gallery requirements) it should run with PHP as a module. I guess I’ll find out when I move this site to my other host :confused: