Forbiden. Can't access image in folder

I have a sequrity question on the forum made as image. The image don’t shows for user trying to register. When I tried to open image by link I’ve got 403 forbiden, You don’t have permission to access /images/question-1.png on this server… But images from that folder shows on the site and forum in other areas.

the attributes are same as other png files in that folder.

What can be the problem?

Forbidden is different than file permissions. I usually get a 404 for unreadable files. Does a direct link to other images in that folder work? Is it really all lower case? How about renaming it without the dash?

Double-check the logfiles (access.log and error.log) on the server for more clues. It should show the actual URL it’s trying.

Basically, I can’t access any images there directly, but they shows up on site. The image that doesn’t load on registration is embed with a BB-code with Simple_Machines_Forum. Maybe hotlink protection is set and making this? I moved this forum to this hosting from another hosting not long ago.