For the love of God, UPGRADE THE WIKI

I can’t stay logged in to edit or comment on ANYTHING in the Dreamhost wiki.

Getting your customers to write your documentation for you is a great plan. Not having the site actually WORK … not such a great plan.

It’s been like this for a year or more. MediaWiki 1.4.0 is so far out of date it’s not even funny. I know that the login problems would be solved by an upgrade because I’ve seen the exact same problems solved on other wikis.

This is probably the fifth time I’ve tried to log in and contribute, on MY time and MY dime, only to say the hell with it because the site doesn’t work.

What login problem are you having? I don’t appear to have any issues but you seem to be more experienced.


Maybe they can try the 1 click upgrade. :smiley:

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May be they do before us not as slow.

Welcome to copy and fix GDL articles from old Mr. Company wiki to new Mr. Customer wiki. Server not special but can do work?

For Customers, by Customers, of DreamHost

There is an ongoing struggle to get someone at DreamHost to assume responsibility for the DreamHost Wiki. It was originally setup by Nate, but he left the company a while back. Sabrejack discovered that upgrading the wiki software would not be as straightforward as it would be for customer wikis, due to issues with PHP on that particular server. He has since been reassigned to other duties, leaving the wiki essentially rudderless.

All I can say is that the other sysops and I are constantly nagging DreamHost about this problem, and we expect at least a partial update in the near future. I would encourage everyone to continue to contribute to this valuable resource, since it benefits us all.

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I CAN’T contribute.