For the love of all that is holy, SOMEONE please help

I had autopay set up for my domain registration. I realize now that I forgot to update the card on file after I lost my wallet. That was my first mistake. Dreamhost, to their credit, sent me emails regarding the upcoming expiration but since I was under the impression it was set to autopay, I didn’t read them. Second mistake.
Yesterday, I received an email saying the domain registration had expired. Checked my bank account, no charges from Dreamhost. No emails regarding bank activity, either, because my email client had stopped fetching messages by then. Tried to log on to the support panel, forgot my password. Clicked the reset link, realized the email address they have on file is tied to the domain. Spent 20 minutes trying to find a support line number, found out they don’t have one. Submitted a form on the Contact page with my ISP email address. Hours go by, no response.
I cannot stress enough the importance of renewing this domain. I am about to start doing some freelance Web development work and I need my email address for correspondence.
If any DH employees are reading this, please check your ticket pool or message me on here. I really need to access my account so I can renew my registration, update my payment method and email address.