For people thinking of signing up

I’ve tried A LOT of free hosting companies over the years and this is easily the best, overall anyways check my site to test the average speed etc ur likely to get. out

A good demo of a high bandwidth site. Thanks for sharing.

Gotta love Rippon!

I would expect DreamHost to be better than free hosting, if it wasn’t I would be extremely worried :slight_smile:

Nice site. My son is a bit of a Halo addict. He has completed Halo and Halo 2 and at the moment is trying to convince me to buy him an XBox 360, no doubt partially motivated by the impending release of Halo 3. :slight_smile:

I think he will find your site very interesting.


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well i would rather have high cpu usage over high bandwidth any day. their bandwidth limit is too high up, would rather they lower it a bit and give us more cpu usage.

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DreamHost removed the 60 minutes per day hard CPU limit a while ago. Now, a sites CPU usage is only considered excessive if it is affecting the performance of the server and (of-course) the other sites hosted on that shared server.

I think this is very fair. You can not reasonably expect to be able to use unlimited CPU resources on any shared host.


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That’s right. You must trace a limit somewhere even if “we” don’t like it. One customer can’t ruin a server with hundreds of sites.

I also have a site with thousands of flash files (2700 games), but I hope they don’t do any stress to the server (because they are just downloaded). For now, with some hundreds played each day, it’s pretty quick!!

2700 games for your social profile, site, or blog

The site was launched some days ago, and I put it on DreamHost’s site of the month contest. If you like it, I would surely appreciate your vote:

Vote for ProfilesHomepage games

And together with my uptime checker for, it’s my best way of showing potential customers what DreamHost can do!

Cheers for a long, and long partnership!

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Your website is pretty slow (160KB/s) from europe :-/

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