For Beginners: How to install WordPress on DH

I wrote a tutorial on how to use the one-click-installer to install WordPress on DreamHost shared hosting.


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While I am not sure the one-click procedure is complicated enough to warrant a tutorial, it is refreshing to see someone put in the effort to help others.

Well done. :slight_smile:


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Some peoples need a step-to-step procedure.

Especially for blog (non techies users have blog too).

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Well done for taking the time to write a tutorial, while these days I can install wordpress with my eyes closed this would be invaluable to anyone who is new to DH.

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Yes, I agree.

The one-click installers are self-explanatory if you know what all the settings mean. This is fantastic if you’re installing WordPress for the nth time and know what you want to put in all the fields. It also eliminates any confusion about “what version am I supposed to run” or what to enter for those specific options that really can’t be changed.

A short FAQ explaining the settings that you do have to enter and what their significance is helpful.

I also think it would be helpful to have some discussion of best-practices for database setup. Is creating a separate host for each domain appropriate? What about admin logins?

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