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OK, I signed up for backups. I activated my plugin and then from my website added the access key and secret question.
From the Dream Objects site, I added the bucket and key.
I must be missing a step somewhere cause the ASAP backup does not start from my web site. I read the Dream Objects overview and most of that was over my head. Can you give it to me in English. Thanks from a started.


I think you did not understand the shitty part: Dreamhost does not offer automatic backup service. You must download, install and use some ugly programs like Cyberduck to transfer by yourself all files you want to backup.


It sounds like you’re referring to this plug-in for WordPress -

If a backup still hasn’t been created, go ahead and contact support and they’ll be able to help you out.

@edufrick - Right now we’re building out DreamObjects as a foundation. We’ll be adding tools on top of it to make it more useful for backups, sync, etc.


The live release of the plugin is at (so you can install it via WP’s backend without ever leaving home).

For Backups:
Pick your backup Bucket (which you say you did)
Select what you want to backup
Chose when you want to backup
Relax and let DreamHost do the work

It’s not a ‘secret question’ though, it’s a secret key. So it’s a long string of numbers and letters.