Fopen vs. curl for WebCalendar 1.1.6



I recently did the one-click install of WebCalendar and then upgraded to v1.1.6 so my organization could publish their calendars remotely using iCal or Sunbird (it’s not implemented until v1.1). Now I’m running into the allow_url_fopen problem. After doing some reading I’d like to use the cURL workaround, rather than complile my own version of PHP.
I don’t know enough PHP or cURL and can’t seem to find clear enough instructions. What file(s) do I need to add cURL code to? What code do I add?
The second post in this thread has an example but I’m not sure where to put it. It doesn’t seem to work in icalclient.php.

Can anyone help me enable remote calendar publishing via cURL? I think this would be good for the wiki too. I can’t be the only one wanting to do this…
Thanks in advance.