Fopen converting

How would I convert this for php command fopen to a curl command? I don’t programming, I just read in the forums that fopen is turned off on dreahost servers. Any help would be great.

$myfile = @fopen($filename, "w ")or die ("Couldn't open configfile ($filename). Check the path to webroot to be correct. Check permissions for directory and files incsite to be set to 777."); @fwrite($myfile, $newstring) or die("Problem creating config file. Check permissions for directory incsite and files to be set to 777."); fclose($myfile);

$myfile = @fopen( $filename, "w " ); @fwrite($myfile, $newstring) or die( "Problem creating effect.txt file ($filename). Check permissions for directory files to be set to 777." ); fclose($myfile);

This is the file I’m tring to fix.



fopen is not turned off. URL access is. As long as you use relative paths within your own domain (not http:// etc), everything will be cool.

Simon Jessey
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Here is a read function that works for me. Odds are some of it is not needed. I am just learning myself and one thing I learned a long time ago about computers whether it is a program, or a programming language, odds are good there are more than one way to accomlish the same thing.

IO ($filename=$filename, "r"); function IO ($filename, $io) { $channel=curl_init($location); $file=fopen($filename, $io) or die($php_errormsg); curl_setopt($channel, CURLOPT_FILE, $file); curl_setopt($channel, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); curl_setopt($channel, CURLOPT_NOBODY, 0); curl_exec($channel); $data=strip_tags(fread($file, filesize($filename))); curl_close($channel); fclose($file) or die($php_errormsg); print "<div><hr><p class=\"view\">View of created document...</p><h1 class=\"data\">$data</h1></div>"; }