Fopen and MoveableType

Hi all,
I’m getting a bit ticked off at my current provider and lots of people suggested coming here. Two things I’d like to know:

  1. I have a fun script that grabs the album I’m listening to from amazon, parses the XML, and displays the cover on my web site. The problem is that my current host blocks fopen() from reading files from outside, it only allows fopen() to read local files. It’s not only fopen() they block, but lots of other PHP functions also. I’d like to know if DH supports this.

  2. Does DH support MovableType? I love it, and currently my provider won’t work with it. I need a provider that’s going to make sure that things like phpBB and MT will continue to run in the future.



DH has just recently dissaolwed allow_url_fopen. It doesn’t work at all on DH. I’m not exactlu sure if this is the same as waht you are saysing, but I think it is. If that’s the case just search this forum and you can find lots of posts where people have a solution with this curl thingy.

As far as Movable type goes, it works very well here at DH. A lot of people, including my self, use it. They also offer a once click install of Word Press, and the latest veriosn that came out in the last month is very impressive.

PHPBB is also a one click install and works very well.


There are various solutions for getting around DH’s block of allow_url_fopen(). You can find them by searching this forum.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.