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Please don’t be annoyed with me for bringing this up after all I put you through on the font sizes (I’ve learned a lot!), but I’ve realized in having some people I know visit the site <> that they aren’t seeing my Kunstler Script at all like I can (I thought it was a standard font most people would get, but no), and it is defaulting to Arial for them as the fourth font choice I listed in the html (one who could see the KS even complained that it didn’t look “German” enough to him )

There is a Bavarian font that I like called “Schwaben Alt”, but I know practically no one will get that in their browsers (including me). So, I would like to make just the 11 letters that I use on the page (B-a-v-r-i-G-e-m-n-y-W) into a gif or jpg image(s) so I know everyone will see those letters in Schwaben Alt when they visit the website (the rest of the page I’ve done in Arial and have no problem with that).

I have already found a website to download the font for free (and have done so), but I don’t know how to go about doing what I am thinking of. Would I need some kind of special graphics program to do it with? Right now I have Corel Print and Photo House and MS Paint and Photo Editor.

Thanks for your time, attention and patient guidance!

(lol, didnt even notice it was under troubleshooting [i start at the top and go down])

most any paint program that will allow of text will do. i use paint shop pro 7(aka PSP7) for its ease of use, or so i think its easy. i went ahead and made you some images, since i already have that font file. their links are below. but remember, on the “w” add this code to the <img… command


that way the text will align with the bottom of the image.
your image links are: bavger.gif - w.gif
please remember to save the files to your computer and upload them to your server. both of the images have transparent background with a white casting (meaning the original background was white so it will blend in better with your image background, which is base on light colors)

Hi Monk,

Please forgive me for not being able to thank you earlier for your generosity in making those gif images of the Schwaben Alt font for me. I appreciate it so very much! (I would like to learn how to do it myself in the future :slight_smile: I am trying to work with them now to get them onto the website. They will be nice additions to the page that EVERYONE who visits will be able to see, thank you!


on your website it looks like you re-sized/re-editied the top graphic. in doing so it appears you have lost your background transparency. if you want i can re-apply the transparency or if you tell me what graphics program you are using then i may be able to walk you through the process of applying it your self.