Font Dropdown Issues

Using Chrome on a MacBook Pro. The dropdown font menu displays something like 5 or 6 options alphabetically, but scrolling is impossible. What am I doing wrong?

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Could you give more context: where is this font menu? DreamHost email? Remixer? WordPress? etc…


Ha! Yes, of course. I’m designing a website through DreamHost using Remixer. Anytime I attempt to change the font in a text box, I only get the first handful of font choices in the dropdown. Attempting to click or scroll ends up closing the window.

Is that helpful?

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I don’t have much experience with Remixer, but when I hover over the font name, the dropdown menu appears, then I hover over the dropdown and use a mouse scroll-wheel or tackpad 2-finger gesture to scroll thru the dropdown (20-30 options).

The dropdown does seem a bit wonky. For example, the only way I could get it to respond to the keyboard was to first click on a font name, and then up/down arrows allowed scrolling.

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If you want to display all, or any explicit number, of menu options you can control them with javascript

    window.onload = function () {
        var element = document.getElementById('sel');   // GET THE <select> ELEMENT BY ITS ID.
        element.size = 4;  // SET THE NUMBER OF VISIBLE OPTIONS.

• Add to bottom of mark-up, just above the closing


The above script should also solve the focus issue.

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