Follow up instructions for Gallery?

I did the one-step install for Gallery earlier today, but never got the follow-up instructions in email after the install.

What do I do now?

That happened to me with one of my installs. You should have received instruction like this (put your info in the xxx out lines)

Now visit the site to finish your installation with these settings:

Select your language and click “Begin Installation>>”

Step 1:
Follow the direction here carefully! You MUST create a login.txt file
in your web directory with the characters listed on that page!
Then click “Authenticate Me”, then “Continue to Step 2>>”

Step 2:
(There will be a possible long delay while this page loads.)
Everything should work fine! Click “Continue to Step 3>>”

Step 3:
Don’t change anything… you want “Standard Installation”.
Just click “Continue to Step 4>>”

Step 4:
CHANGE the Directory path to be:

/home/xxxx/xxxx_g2data << what you chose when you set it up

Click “Save”, then “Continue to Step 5>>”

Step 5:

Database type : MySQL (all versions)
DB Hostname : (NOT localhost!)
DB Username : username you chose
DB Password : password you chose
DB Name : db name you chose
Table Prefix : (whatever) << you can just leave these "as is"
Column Prefix : (whatever)

Click “Save”, then “Continue to Step 6>>”

Step 6:
Create your Admin User… enter whatever you’d like,
this is how you will manage your Gallery installation!

Click “Create”, then “Continue to Step 7>>”

Step 7:
Your config file should be created correctly automatically!
Click “Continue to Step 8>>”

Step 8:
You should have no problems here … if you do, try going back to
Step 6 and if you’re using a database you’ve used for a previous
Gallery install, make sure the “Table Prefix” and "Column Prefix"
are unique!
Click “Continue to Step 9>>”

Step 9:
Choose all the modules you’d like to have, then click “Activate
Selected Modules”. If any modules show up in orange, after you’re
done with installation you’ll need to configure them some more from
the “Modules” area under “Site Admin”.
Click “Continue to Step 10>>”

Step 10:
Should be fine… click “Continue to Step 11>>”

Step 11:
You’re done!
Click “Go to my Gallery!” and then the “Login” link at the top!

Have fun! If you need help, please visit the official forums here:

The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot