When I create folders and try to access files in them either through a URL entry (ie. or through a link on the index page (ie. …\Images…) I can’t seem to get access to it. Is there a security feature I need to find in order to allow access to subfolders.

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Could you provide us with a link to your site, so that we can see? Most likely it’s a malformed link. Just be sure to type it in correctly and use the correct format for HTML links (remember that unlike MS Windows, you need to use forward slashes and not backslashes, ie. “” is incorrect while “/” is correct).

The format of an HTML link is as follows:


…if you’re linking to a remote web site, or…

My Sub-Directory

…if you’re linking to a sub-directory named ‘subdirectory’ one level under the current directory.

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An addendum: Remember that the rules with paths also apply to images!

Here’s a good page I found that may explain things better than I can:

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I don’t think it’s my path that’s the issue. Can you open this link -> ?

I’m just trying to get to an htm file by typing this in the URL. I am not having any luck. Once that is fixed I should be able to use the links like normal, but so far I can’t see any files except for the

Hi -

I just sent you a reply via the support system. I think I found where the problem was. Can you check it out and let me and/or the forum know if that fixes it?

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