Folders? How do I?

HI I am brand new to dream host and would love it if someone could tell me how to create a folder for me to upload images too?
as simply as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

You could use the DreamHost Panel and under Users|Manage Users click the 'login now’button.

This will take you into the webftp program.

Click the blue folder icon next to your domain name.

When you have arrived at your domain name folder you can click the button at the top labelled ‘New Dir’ and just follow the instructions to name your folder and finally press the green tickmark to accept.

You can do the same under your own ftp/ssh program by creating a folder under your domain name.

(By creating your folder under the domain folder you will ensure that it’s contents can be read by the web server.


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Don’t forget you have FTP users. You can check your FTP user name and password via DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users

You can manually log into your FTP server through with the corrosponding FTP user name and password.

You can also log into your FTP server via DH panel.

As mentioned above, you can go toDH panel --> Users --> Manage Users

You can also go to DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains and click on webftp beside your domain name.

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thank you for the advice, I tried to follow both directions and found that I could drag and drop a file named images over into my domain name file once open.
so now I have a place to upload ftp my images!!

There is so much to learn Wow
thank you both very much:)