Folders/Groups for Domains!

Doesn’t it bother you looking at a cluttered “Manage Domains” page? Do you have clients who purchase multiple domains, and wish you could group the domains together so you can more quickly find all the domains associated with that business?.. Or perhaps you have a client that wanted to purchase and parked 12 domain names and you’re tired of having to look at them all the time… Please, let me better organize my domains!


I just deleted a Lot of old domains from that list, and MySQL databases too. Lists look So much better. I might just delete them all to clean them up. :wink:

Yeah, most applications are created with some kind of lists, where an inherent assumptions (by novice developers) that the list will never grow so long as to be cumbersome. With States of the USA that’s a reasonable assumption but with People, Products, Domains, Email addresses, or any other low-cost or diverse items, that assumption is not reasonable at all. Categorization, perhaps with a tree structure is much more future-friendly.

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