Folder to site

Hi! I really know nothing about computers, and I’m trying to get my website up and running! I made it on iWeb, so I can publish it to a folder… but how do I upload the folder to my dreamhost web name/account? Any help you can give would be great! Thanks a lot!


Well, you’re going to have to learn a few things, but there is no reason to be discouraged. I strongly suggest you read through the section of the Dreamhost WIki on Getting Started

Pay special attention to the “Building a website” and “Uploading your Website” articles, and you should have all the infor you need to upload your “folder”. Good Luck!


OK, next question… I went to the wikipedia site and did my ftp thing through microsoft explorer… then I tried to transfer “test folder with website” into the ftp website folder, but it said I couldn’t move the “test folder with website” b/c the “ftp website folder” could not be modified? So now what? What does that mean? Can I change that? Thanks for all your help!

Since you started a new thread, I’ll respond there…