Folder Structure issues

Does anyone else find the odd folder structure in dreamhost email (every folder within the inbox) causes the same kind of imap synch problems I’ve had? It seems that devices like so-called “smart phones,” pda’s, etc. can’t see or synch below the level of inbox. Consequently, “sent” mail from these devices doesn’t appear in the official sent subfolder, and other similar synch issues appear. It’s not a great loss to have to give up outlook express (at least the older versions) which also had trouble with this folder structure but I sure would like to be able to reliably synch with my mail when I’m out of the office. Why do we have this structure anyway?

At least in Apple’s, the account config has a setting for IMAP Path Prefix, which is INBOX. With that set, all works as it should.


In Outlook 2003 under Windows XP, the path can be set when creating the IMAP account by clicking More Settings then entering the Root Folder Path under the Advanced tab.


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