Folder Permissions

Hi guys, thanks in advance for any help.

How do i change the folder permissions on one of my web folders? i want to make it writable so i can write a backup file to it from my forum software.


Many ftp clients have the ability to set/change permissions, though you will have to look at the “help” or documentation of your client to see exactly how that is done in your program.

You can also use the “chmod” program from a shell prompt, after logging into the shell with an ssh client.

You didn’t say what forum software you were using, but remember that Dreamhost runs cgi under suexec (which means that cgi runs as, and with the same permissions as, your user). For most software, this means that 755 is the permission you should have set on directories you need the software to be able to write to (even if the software’s instructions say something else, like 777 or 666)!


The DreamHost web based FTP client allows you to change the permissions on files/directories.

Simply log-in, tick the appropriate files/directories, then click the Chmod button.


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Thank you!

so simple, yet that would have taken me ages to work out. My ftp client didn’t have such a feature.

Actually i have one more question. How do i find the true full path of a folder on the server? i.e. how do i find out what the higher dir’s are?

The full path of any file in your users home directory will be /home/username/filename , of-course you need to replace username with your actual username.

For example; If your username was fred and you had a file called somefile.txt in the sub-directory of your home directory, the full path would be /home/fred/


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Thanks again Mark!

I actually kind of found that one out at the same time you posted. I got an ssh client and had a little look around. But thanks for the quick and clear answers…