Folder doesn't exist?

I was FTPing files and folders on one of my domains. I was using WS_FTP Pro. At one point, I deleted an entire folder structure consisting of maybe a couple dozen folders and several hundred files (an old Movable Type installation.)

But one of folders for some reason doesn’t want to be deleted.

It still shows up in WS_FTP, a well as in Dreamweaver, and in Dream Host’s web-based net2ftp FTP client. Yet when I try to access this folder in any of those programs, e.g., to look at its contents or to try to delete it again, I get an indication that “the folder does not exist or could not be selected” or some variation on that, (depending on which app I use to access it).

I have full permission for the folder, which I created at the same time as the others which I deleted.

It’s like the folder is there, but also not there. Weird.

Anyone know what’s going on?


maybe the hard link of the folder is broken. Are you able to delete it using SSH? Or it may just need some time to refresh itself :wink:

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My first thought was that this could be a caching issue with the FTP client that you are using, but since you are ‘seeing’ the directory with multiple clients, this is unlikely to be the problem.

If the errant directory persists, I would suggest contacting support detailing the problem, I am sure they will be able to delete it for you.


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Hi. Thanks for the replies.

It seems it just needed some time to catch up with itself and refresh. After a while, I was able to access the folder, which was left behind, intact, when I deleted all of its sibling folders under the same parent. Weird.

Oh well. Thanks again! :slight_smile: