Flv video not showing up?



Hello I created my website http://www.sportsfansmovie.com/ except the flash movie I placed in the middle is not displaying, I uploaded the video and the other flv componets that were with it to the same directory my index.html folder is in, but it just wont show up. Did I write it wrong in my code? I’m thinking I need change my hardcoded path??? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.


it’s worken for me now… u must have figured it out…


Yep, works fine for me


I am facing such problem in my Video Animation site https://www.videocubix.com/ but thanks to you guys its working perfectly now.


Flash is browser-side. Each browser must have the Flash plugin installed and have the settings turned On for that plugin.

The problem is… most of the major browsers turned the Flash plugin Off by default because of repeated security issues a couple years ago. I believe those security issues have been dealt with by Adobe (owner of Flash) but browsers may continue to play it safe by blocking Flash content, so most of your website visitors will likely not see your Flash movie.

Moral of the story: It may be prudent to use an alternate display method and not use Flash. Most things Flash did can now be done with CSS & HTML5.


Came here to say this, thanks! The use of Flash has drastically decreased which is great for iOS users who can’t view it at all. It just isn’t a modern/friendly format. There are lots of better alternatives.