Flv not playing in browser



I’m in a real bind here. I’m having problems viewing my flv movie clips in the browser. I haven’t built a website in 4 years or so and I’m trying to remember if I’ve forgotten anything, or if things have changed. It’s in AS2 as well, because that’s just what I’m more familiar with. Should I be working in AS3? Do I need to set something up with dreamhost now to allow streaming? I didn’t have to years ago.
When I publish in flash and dreamweaver the videos play fine. All files are transmitted in the ftp server correctly.
Site is www.briandeedp.com. A reel is suppose to start as soon as the page opens. It’s in default mode now, as I’m trying to just figure out a way to stream this video.
Thanks for your help!



When I clicked on the link for one of the videos in my browser, I saw a failed request for the URL:


It looks like you’ve got a bad path in there somewhere!