FLV in Gallery2

Hi, I’ve installed Gallery2 using One-Click Installs.

There was a plugin (Flash Video) that was supposed to “Enable display of Flash video files”, I’ve that and Ffmpeg enabled.

When I try to upload FLV files into the albums, it was reconized as a movie (with a “download movie” link), but the thumbnail is broken. And it doesn’t even show any flash player.
eg: http://testgallery.dreamhosters.com/main.php/v/MVI_6273.flv.html

I can’t find any settings for the Flash Video plugin in the Site Admin screen, did I miss some settings? Is there anyway to fix this?
Thanks a lot.

Nevermind, it turns out you have to enter a movie size on the edit screen. Is there anyway to enter a default size so I don’t have to do this for every movie?