FLV file longer than 25 minutes

Hello. At the beginning sorry for my English. I have to make an FLV file longer than 25 minutes. I’m using xmoov-php, FLV file with the metadata and the player The Flash Media Player from Goodies. Searching on the progress bar works well, also buffering. Unfortunately, I can not watch the movie from beginning to end. Somewhere around 20 minutes the video stops.

How do I fix this?
Please help.

Try these 2 threads, they may have the answer.



Using PHP scripts (like xmoov-php) to stream large files will often end up causing PHP to load the entire file into memory, eventually making it hit the memory limit and get killed.

Depending on how the script works, you may get better results by switching the domain from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3, as PHP 5.3 has considerably better memory management. Alternatively, if there’s a CGI version of xmoov, that may work better too.

Xmoov is solution propose by Dreamhost: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Flash_Media_Player#PHP_pseudo_streaming

I replaced the following line for greater security and stability from this:
print(fread($fh, filesize($file)));

to this:
print(fread($fh, 16384));

Theoretically, this script is designed to not exceed the limit of memory. Is there any other solution to the Dreamhost server stream video?

Actually, I added that to the wiki. It’s not officially proposed by DH. That being said, I’ve had no trouble streaming long videos of 1 hour + on DH. Note, however, that my videos might see 1 view per week, tops, and the file sizes are not that big (<200 MB or so).

I tried to use the JW Player and FlowPlayer. Both had the same problem. When the server is an entry in a log file "[Wed Aug 31 11:13:10 2011] [error] [client 31st ***.***.***] File does not exist: internal_error.html 'transmission breaks, players of the “hang”. JW player can be (sometimes) forced to play by clicking on progress bar.

I try to watch the video itself. 1 user per month :wink:

I test file by wget. I got this message:
Connection closed at byte 94 208 623. Retrying.

I change PHP version to PHP 5.3 - the same effect.

seems to be misconfigured. make sure your videos are in the correct directory.

is the file you are trying to play corrupt? and how do we know?