Flooded with SPAM

Basically since Atmail was introduced I have been receiving more spam than normal, but in the past week or so, I have been FLOODED with hundreds of spam emails per day. Support has given me the canned response about the new “modern” system and that you have to go into webmail to “train” the spam filters by marking unwanted emails as spam.


I have been diligently going into webmail to mark spam, and I continue to receive spam from the same places. The old system (Squirrel Mail) was much more intuitive and I could easily whitelist or blacklist emails.

I have contacted support and submitted tickets but still no response. I have also tried 2 live chats in 2 days and I get the same canned response about “training” Atmail. UGH.

I have been with DreamHost for about 15 years, but this is enough for me to look elsewhere for hosting and email services.

Report the problem to the staff, many peoples here have the same problem, they will fix it soon I hope

Same problem. the only one solution that I found was t blacklist the spamers…

Keep BEGGING them to get this fixed. And have your exit strategy ready. Despite so many of us complaining about this (in forums AND by contacting support through their ticket system), many of us have seen no improvement.

In my experience, the support folks have done nothing but say I’m imagining things. They say there’s no way I’m getting that much spam simply because of them switching to atmail. They claim that their spam quarantine process has not changed. Worse, I’ve been rudely, personally attacked and accused of doing stupid things with blacklisting addresses. (Which I haven’t done. I tried blacklisting a few addresses for my entire domain and have NOT seen that working since DH migrated to atmail.)

Trying to wade through the hundreds of spam messages each day has brought my little business to a screeching halt. But it’s the rude attacks from support folks that are forcing me to leave. I’m appalled to be personally attacked for reporting a problem and asking them to fix it. I know it’s not “just me”. There’s enough evidence on these forums alone (not to mention WWW-wide) about people having horrible spam problems since they switched to atmail.