Flickr with wordpress

anyone here in dreamhost are currently running flickr-gallery in their wordpres blog? if so, i would really love to get a walk thru. i had it working a few weeks ago, and then i delete the cache files and it never works again. i have tried resintalling the scripts and wordpress, but they still don’t work. i chmod the cache directory to 777 and it still doesn’t work. please help.
also, i have a scripts (wp-itunes) trying to get it to work as well, but it never craete the tables in the mysql automatically, i had to manually create it but it doesn’t show anything. how can i have it auto create the tables? i thought i have to wait for sometimes for it to create them but i have already waited for a few days after the script runs.
anyone here feeling generous today?

Please direct your question to the WordPress Support Forums.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

i did but most people seems okay and only dreamhost user like me are having trouble. i am seeking help in as many route as i can.

Not going to work with DH as that script uses fopen($filename, ‘rb’, $incpath))

That is a big no no and will no longer work with DH.

Please contact the author of this plugin and ask him to use the php CURL library rather than the security prone fopen…

WP/Gallery2 Integration Community ->

just incase anyone are interested. if you are still figuring out a solution for the flickr-gallery plugin. here is the upgraded or modified version of flickr-gallery written by nick. i have this plugin working perfectly now. cheers