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I’m working on a site (hosted on DH, of course) and one of the features that I want to include on the site is to have images from our Flickr group to appear on the site.
I found this advice via google: and it all seems stupidly straight-forward, except this bit:

[i]Dim strCachePath : strCachePath = “d:\webs\\wwwroot\cache”

This is the local path to the cache folder. You should create a folder named “cache” in the root of your wwwroot directory, and replace “” with your domain name.
Note: this is the local path used on OpenHosting’s servers. Other web hosts may use a slightly different configuration, so it’s best to check first! [/i]

How would I know what my website’s wwwroot directory is? I’ve looked on the support wiki and couldn’t find any answers so I’m trying my luck here.

Thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated!

Uhhhh. Where are you going to run the ASP script?

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… OH!

Right, so I guess I should start looking at some php solutions, eh? Sorry, I’m a bit of a novice at anything above html and css. Which is quite a lot!