Flavors.me Domain Redirecting

Hello all!

I’ve recently registered an account with Flavors.me and I’d like to point my existing DH domain to Flavors.me. I’m quite the newbie, so the instructions provided by Flavors.me are not entirely clear to me and so I would be grateful for some help!

Flavors.me instructions are:

  1. Log in to your domain registrar and find the section that allows you to edit and/or create A Records. This is often done from a settings panel with a name such as “Edit DNS” or “Zone File Control.”

2.Create an A Record that points your domain to the Flavors.me IP address: Enter “@” in the column labeled Host. If your registrar does not allow you to enter “@” create two A record entries, one for your domain name in the Host column (i.e. yourname.com) and another for “www.” in the host column.

3.Enter the domain name on your Flavors.me Settings page and click the “Save changes” button. It will then take up to 72 hours for the change to fully take place.

Would someone be able to take me through the steps on how to do this with DH?

Thank you in advance!