Flash video problem in Internet Explorer / Windows

I use a javascript that is based on one provided by DreamHost to display Flash videos (usually encoded at the medium setting). The videos display fine in most browsers. In Internet Explorer for Windows (IE 6 and 7) and in the AOL Browser, the video displays fine the first time it is viewed, but if I go to a second page with a Flash video, or refresh the first flash video page, only a white box appears.

The code I am using is below:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

and the page it is in is here:


I have already tried doing a clean install of Windows XP, downloading IE 7 and installing the latest Flash player directly from the Adobe site, and I still have this problem. I have found the same problem with other Flash videos I have posted. The DreamHost tech support reports being able to view the videos in IE with no problems.

Anyone have any suggestions regarding what could be wrong and how to solve the problem?



If someone else states they have no problem with the same browser. Then the problem should be your cache.

My website

Thanks. I tried increasing IE’s cache. That allowed me to refresh the page and have the video display correctly when before the cache increase there was just a white box. Refreshing again, or going to another Flash video page, resulted in a white box. I also tried deleting the temporary files. Same result: first refresh of a video worked, and all others got a white box until I deleted the temporary files again.

Thanks again.


I’ve been working on the project from hell over 70hrs a week for the last two weeks and I woke up this morning to try and finish things up and debug in multiple browsers. then I started having the same problem. white box, audio plays fine, but no video on refresh. I thought I was going crazy and started isolating just that script and video and also copying the script from other sites that I had done recently and came up with the same issue (never happened before). I was about to slit my wrists, but then I found out that someone else had the same problem and it’s not just my code. annoying as hell, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

I am using your same ufo.js.
I did find that when I use the jquery flash plugin instead, the issue goes away.

a friend of mine found a solution to the problem. it uses different code and a different player. email me at remote2@robertabrams.net if you would like the files. i have permission to give them away. what is the jquery flash plugin?