Flash sockets are dead!

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I don’t know how many of you relied on the binary and XML socket features in Flash… but they are effectively being phased out for anyone who isn’t running a dedicated server.

Why? There is absolutely no reason in my mind, but still - they are dead.

I used to use binary sockets to get access to response headers (flash doesn’t give you them ordinarily) and now they are also banning “Range:” and “HEAD” amongst many others, from requests…

The only way to make a real HTTP request is through a custom HTTP connection over a binary socket.


First off, I’d love to know why there is now an absurd requirement for a “new” server daemon that HAS TO recognize the flash XML requests and HAS TO serve a master policy from port 843, and why they are gradually banning all HTTP requests from inside flash.

I am very bitter at the moment, and very disappointed. The whole Flex webapp/mashup/live data philosophy is dead. Who makes these stupid crippling decisions, and why are they still in a job.

I hope dreamhost open up some plugin/feature so we can serve these requests properly, otherwise as time passes - most dynamic flash apps are going to stop working.