Flash Policy Server

I’m trying to run a little ajax chat client on my site

now at the moment its a big sluggish, however it claims that by using a flash based socket you can vastly improve the connection times.

However it seems you now need a " socket policy file server" to run a socket through flash and all the ones i’ve spotted either fail in some way or require me to su root which I believe I can’t do.

Any ideas?

The documentation suggests the default update time is 2 seconds. The socket connection is an optional way to run the script and isn’t necessary for it to function.

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hi, sXi, thanks or the reply. Yes I read that bit about the update. I might try reducing the update to 1 second.

I should point out that I (and the website’s main audience) are in Britain and there’s a latency issue with Dreamhost. Although it’s extremely fast once you have a connection to actually get one takes a few more ms that desireable and for an app like this it makes it ever so slightly sluggish.

So I’d be interested in experimenting with the socket to see if it made any difference.

(as an aside, I’d normally use IRC for such a purpose but as the chatroom is only required for maybe three special nights a year it’s not practical to ask members to install a program and all the java applets we’ve tried are just ghastly).

Cheers. :slight_smile: