Flash mp3 players don't work?

Now, for some reason, when I attempt to use a flash mp3 player to stream mp3s from Dreamhost, it doesn’t work. I can download the file in Firefox and it will start playing in Quicktime, I can stream it using Winamp, but I CANNOT stream them with flash players, no matter what. I tried the JW MP3 Player (@ http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=jw_mp3_player) with no success. I even thought it might have just been my MP3s, so I uploaded the example mp3s to my server and put in the URL… nothing. When I paste it in Firefox, it works fine.

Help? :frowning:

They work fine on DreamHost; what you are experiencing is most likely the result of how you are embedding them in your webpage… I have two suggestions:

  1. Check out http://media.dreamhost.com - DreamHost actually uses Jeroen Wijering’s player :wink:

  2. Post a link to your site where you embedding the mp3’s, so other can see your code and offer suggestions.


EDIT: Seems I have solved the problem myself. Thanks for the help.