Flash Media

Oh My, I do love Dreamhost’s Flash Media


I have three files, all over 300 mb. Uploading them was a pain…converting them to .mov files was almost as much of a pain. but using the panel to convert them to .flv files was quick. And, they play better than any quicktime streaming files!

Anyone who has quicktime streaming needs to test this bad boy out, it’s the same as youtube files…but on your own server!

Ive got to agree with that assessment all the way. It is very convenient to use, produces reasonably good output, and takes most of the pain out of hosting a video. Good Stuff!


You are right, and it’s important to be independant from any external service to keep your media.

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I have not tried that yet. But I’m glad to see that we are happy in DH :wink:

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It’s pretty slick. It looks like www.burnoutworld.com is going to go with it.

I can’t wait to see what he does with it once he gets on a real service… (grin). (he’s moving over to DH soon)


Nathan, you have to try it. It’s simple, easy and it converts .avi files, which has been a pain for me on a macintosh! Uploading the files is the worst part. Once uploaded, I guess it’s easy for dreamhost to convert from server to server! I thought I was being a pain uploading such large files to convert, but it only took a couple of minutes to convert a 300mb file. (of course, I hope it’s not hammering the server with me doing it…dreamhost needs to let us know that little fact.)

I have been suffering with Darwin Streaming for years. My clients have not been happy with the end result, but usually better than most. But with this new media, they are extatic. Now I can show my other clients the additional benefits Dreamhost’s services. And, having them all Privaleged to my web id is a benefit.

I don’t work for Dreamhost. I am in Arizona and am a web designer (developer wannabee.) For the price I get these services for, space, bandwidth, etc…I cannot complain. This, by far, is the best thing I have seen…considering my coding skills are less than most!

thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll definately try it after my exams. I will finish the last exam this Thursday. I’d like to try all the services offered in DH. One-click installs, flashmedia, streaming, htaccess.

I’ve learnt a lot in this forum and it is time to put it to practice. :wink:

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Yeah, I really love the new flash video tool–I used it to make a collection of Super Bowl commercials:


Cool stuff!

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Haha yeah should be sweet. Signing up was easier than throwing a hotdog down a hallway. My site was up within 3 hrs.

And for a sneak peak of the burnoutworld flash player (and how to possibly implement it in a gallery such as G2 or emAlbum Pro) go to this url

http://www.burnoutworld.com/cgi-bin/emAlbum.cgi?c=show_image;p=Cars/Burnout Videos;i=0;img=Valiant CJ Burnout (Street).swf

I’ve customised the flashplayer to suit the colours of the site.

But for some reason (and I’ve tried to fix it 200 times), the .swl will loop even when I’ve set repeat=false…

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Bummer -

Error Code: 107
Message: emAlbum cannot open the folder /home/burnoutworld/burnoutworld.com/emAlbum/albums/Cars/Burnout

Please contact the administrator if this problem continues.

Oh, you may want to consider reporting your looping issue in a new message, I recommend the media or programming forums. But you might need to see what DH support can tell you.



http://www.burnoutworld.com/cgi-bin/emAlbum.cgi?c=show_image;p=Cars/Burnout Videos;i=0;img=Test 1…swf

Turns out it doesn’t like …%…20’s

[color=#CC6600]B U R N O U T w o r l d Where tyres come to die! The #1 source for burnout videos, burnout pictures, car pictures & more![/color]

Yeah cool really works fine with my video file and convert it really fast. :slight_smile:

I’m Glad to be Hosted /w DH
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Sweet! All you have to do now is learn how to spell T-I-R-E-S (j/k)


It’s not bad n all that Dreamhosts flash conversion thing, but look at http://www.heywatch.com for state of the art in this area … notification…ftp transfer…email…api…

Another useful thing is keepvid.com. If you find a file on youtube or google etc. That you want to host yourself, just goto keepvid.com and place the URL in and it will give you a .flv download link.

Then ssh to the server and just lynx http://www.whatever.com/whatever.flv

(There are also Firefox extensions that serve the same purpose but I just use keepvid)

Just a thought. This way there isn’t any downloading + Uploading etc.

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