Flash Image rotator




Can’t get past first base on this. Have copied just 2 photos and the .xml playlist to the root directory of my site. Displays the player but no images.

As far as I can see, the .xml name is used 3 times in the script and I’ve replaced each one and the photos are referenced correctly in the .xml.

I havent copied the .swf as it should use the one on Dream host.

Sigh. How hard can it be.


I’m just wondering if you reviewed the DreamHost Wiki page for the Flash Image Rotator, particularly the Important Note. :wink:

Do you have a url for your page with the problem so we can see your code?



OK, thanks very much for that. The ‘Important Note’ was the key but I think it confuses matters by mentioning the need to link to the Flash Media Player.

The photos I have are 1.5mb jpg - very slow loading on Dreamhosts servers. Do you know what the optimum size quality would be to load quicker?




1.5 m for a jpeg is huge. Most images (unless you’re a hardcore photographer, but you wouldn’t use jpeg then anyway) would be 200k-500k tops.

There are pissing matches on the forms about “download speed” all the time from DH servers - but we find that when we test the servers are quite capable of saturating just about anything you can come up with. (generally this is done as a transfer within the DH network to prove that the machine really can push the data). Once it’s out of your machine it has to fight with all the other porn and p2p traffic to get to your machine. Generally those “other hops” are the problem. In most cases the only reliable way to ensure that users see smooth transitions is to cache the images before displaying - I would hope that the image rotator does that, but it may not as there might be a large number of images attached.

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When you say slow to load do you mean slow to upload to the server or slow to download and display in the browser?

Are these jpgs for display on a web page or for downloading for printing?

How are you generating these jpgs? Photoshop has pretty good presets for outputting jpgs at “web” quality - that is for web display quality.

Another factor you should take into account is to make sure you upload them at the resolution you are going to display them at, unless you want to provide a “click for high detail” capability.

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OK thanks for the advice. Yes, it was slow to load into the browser so I resized and found the equivalent optimisation options in Paint Shop Pro.

Much better now!


OK, now I want to group the photos in a subfolder below the domain root.

Does the XML stay in the root folder? I’ve done that and specified the location in the XML as http://www.MyDomain.com/SubFolder/Photo1.jpg etc. but the rotator cannot find the images.