Flash File not transferring


Hello! I was wondering if someone could assist me in the this FTP problem. I am using Macromedia Flash for my website and I made a file of 1055 KB. I tried transferring this to my server (I use Cute FTP) but it always stops at 6% and says: “File error”.

I know my file doesn’t have any errors.

This is what it says in the FTP description.

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for lbflash.swf
ERROR:> Timeout (60000 ms) occurred on sending data to the server.
450 Transfer aborted. Link to file server lost.

I wonder if it has anything to do with my connection. I can transfer smaller file sizes perfectly fine.

Thanks for anyone who an help!


Is this plain ol’ CuteFTP, or is it CuteFTP Pro? Do you have another FTP program?

Have you been able to upload other files larger than a meg? How about uploading to a different directory?



I was asked to go to http://webftp.dreamhost.com and I tried to upload the file using that but I get ‘This document contains no data’.

I am using Cute FTP Pro. I did try uploading the file into a different directory but I got the same thing.

Bah, I think it’s my internet connection :expressionless:


Ooh! You have the Pro version! How about setting it to use SFTP? If your account allows Shell Access, then you can use ssh (SFTP), which might yield different results.



do you have passive mode turned on?