Flash Audio Help and Can you crack it?

The reason for this post is I wanna see if you guys can find out if there is away around the flash. The flash files on the site are protected with a pwd and .swf. It has 2 audio files that start at the same time. The beat and the tag voice which plays over the beat to keep it from being stolen. Well the beats are also shorten and also quality taken down. I wanna know if “someone” can find away around it to steal the beat without the voice over tag. If so than how? Than how can I improve it to be a better? I know there is ways around everything, but I wanna make sure I can do the best I can with the files even though everything is cut down in quality. Thanks! Website listed below:



You could do it with an SWF decompiler. Make sure that each beat has a unique password after the checkout process, or a person could buy 1 beat and then trick the system into yielding all the beats you offer.

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