Flash actionscript help


I went to this site and read about the mp3 player. Nice and easy for beginners. Well I put a song it, but I wanna shorten the time. Like a preview. The song is 5 mins, but I want it to play for only the first 30 seconds or 1 and half. Is there a script to do this?



Get yourself a simple, free, audio-editing tool to extract just the first “sample” portion of the song. Save that preview into it’s own mp3 file and just put that into the player. Any other technique would be relatively simple to work around if someone really wanted to get the full track.

I recommend Audacity, it’s clean, easy, and has a small footprint on your resources. You can get it here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Well I did that, but that’s too much time. I can’t just put in a script saying hey.playlength(1.30mins) lol. Idk. You know what I mean. I just want flash to say just play the song for 1.30 mins than stop playing that current sound.


I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, but I know of no way to do this. The basic reason is that an mp3 is essentially identified by applications in it’s entirety. For flash to index into it, you’d have to embed certain tags into the file and reencode it as a swf movie. Far more time consuming than chopping a piece of the file off.

There might even be php libraries available to do that sort of thing similar to the image libraries. I am not familiar with any yet though. Keep us posted on your progress, this topic interests me.

So far what I did was I shorten the mp3 file and imported it into the flash file also with the tag beat over it. The web page is youngfyre.com. The beats and everything will be up shortly. Thanks